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Airsoft Wars

Want some good ideas for airsoft wars? Well keep reading, because you have found the right page. The following are 7 primo airsoft wars that you can use to have a great match with all of your friends. Check it out:

  1. Capture the Flag
    The classic for airsoft and paintball wars alike. There are two flags and two teams in this game. Each team has a base and tries to protect its flag, while organizing to capture the other team’s flag. The object is to get the other teams flag back to your base, without getting shot. There are two styles of play, one rule is that when the flag carrier gets shot the flag automatically returns to base, and in the other scenario when the flag carrier is shot, another team member can pick up the flag and continue on.
  2. Capture the Flag – with Only One Flag
    This variant of capture the flag has two teams and two bases, but only one flag in the center of play. The first team to grab the flag and return to their base is the winner.
  3. Assassination
    This game is for just a few number of players. Two or more players are the assassins and must kill the other player(s) and get back to their insertion point before the time limit is reached to win.
  4. Last Man Standing
    This game is usually played with manual spring air pistols. The game is every man for himself, and the object is to shoot all of your opponents. Once shot, you must exit the playing field until only one member is left, declaring himself the winner.
  5. Clearing House (SWAT style anti-terrorist)
    Using a building that has been rigged with terrorist targets and friendly targets, a team must move through the building and kill all the terrorists without killing the innocents.
  6. Terrorist Elimination
    Like the Clearing house, but with live players as the terrorists. In this game, a team will be designated as the terrorists, and will have buildings to hold up in, and the other team must move through and eliminate all of the terrorists.
  7. King of the Hill
    Utilizing a heavily fortified hill, two teams should split up, and maybe only 20-30% of the players be housed in the fortified area. The other team of 70-80% of the players must march up and take the hill. At the end of the time limit, if the small team retains the hill, they win, but if the challengers take the hill, then they win.

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